Co-writing is a magical process. Inevitably the song that comes out of a collaboration is different than a song that either of the writers would write on their own. As the session progresses the partnership is based upon trust, and it's amazing how close to the bone a writing session can get. That trust isn't limited to the sharing of closely held thoughts and feelings, but it also entails the trust that you can say something foolish (often many foolish things) along the way. But invariably, some of the most creative ideas come out when one of the writer's says "I know this sounds stupid, but..." It's often out of those moments that somebody says something that makes the other writer think of something that triggers a third idea that eventually leads to a gem that can make a song magical. Also, once you step away from a writing session, the creative wheels don't stop turning. Very often the next morning the answer will turn up mid-shower and it's up to the writers to find some way to get it down either on paper or into the recorder on their I Phone.I truly love writing, and I've made some close and at times unlikely friends along the way. Sometimes the more different the personalities in a pairing, the more unique the song that emerges.

Invariably someone asks, which comes first, the music or the lyrics. In reality the process is different every time, and fortunately for me, sometimes I'm primarily the lyricist and sometimes I'm focused on the music. In most of the songs and collaborations that I've been involved with I've worked on both, though when I'm writing with an artist I want that song to feel like their own so that they'll feel comfortable singing it for years.