From the recording Heart Of My Heart

This is truly a beautiful waltz. Tom noted that, though there is a classic song called "Heart Of My Heart," that song is actually about singing a song with that title. Our song uses that hook, and I think it's one of the most beautiful songs that we've written. It's also an example of a song that got rewritten because it had one weak line in the chorus (it used to read 'You keep me from falling apart') and that was really just filler.Tom and I brainstormed and finally replaced that line with one that fit in with the idea of guiding the singer to find his heart. The second we changed the line, the song became stronger and now I would love for it to find a wider audience.
"You can always get down to what matters
You've been my True North from the start
With touches and looks and wise words you guide me
Straight to the heart of my heart."