Jerry Silverstein


Steve and Pete have been writing together for years and both of them have been in bands all of their lives. We met through NSAI, with Steve ultimately joining me as a co-coordinator for the Long Island workshop. Together they run two very successful Bluebird style writer's nights on the Island, and through their tireless efforts they are bringing together many in the Long Island songwriting community. Their forays in Nashville have also been unique, with one highlight being their song "That's All I'm Asking For" which they wrote and performed in support of returning disabled vets from Iraq and Afghanistan. They recorded the song with some of the best A-list studio musicians in Nashville. Those same musicians then volunteered their time and all flew to Florida to play the song with Steve and Pete at a gathering celebrating these brave soldiers. I was brought in by Steve and Pete to write with them on a song called "Take A Look At My Life" when they had reached an impasse. "Take A Look At My Life" was chosen as one of the featured songs at an NSAI Spring Training conference in their song competition. As with many of their demos, it features Pete's incredible vocal range and Steve's great musicianship.

Check out Steve and Pete's website, 42nd and Nelson, to find out about the dates for their writer's nights and other upcoming shows!

Performers: Pete Colombo/Steve Farella
Writers: Pete Colombo/Steve Farella/Jerry Silverstein


A fine song that folds some deep thoughts into a great uptempo groove.