Jerry Silverstein


When Tom met Sandy, he not only found the love of his life but also a great creative partner. One year I drove to their house regularly for us to write together, and the partnership produced a few songs. One in particular, "The Stars Lined Up" is beautiful and haunting, and someday we'll get together to put the finishing touches on it. Here it is in its rough form with Sandy's beautiful rendition of the lyric.

Sandy has now joined Steve Farella and I as a coordinator with the Long Island NSAI workshop and has brought great energy to our group.

For more information about Sandy, check her out on the web at Sandy (Fredrickson) Murphy Music.

Performer: Sandy Fredrickson
Writers: Sandy Fredrickson/Tom Murphy/ Jerry Silverstein


A beautiful song that remains unfinished. It tells the story of lovers who found the opportunity to rekindle a relationship that was meant to be. This is the first three way co-write between Sandy, Tom and myself and we love this song. Hopefully we'll put the finishing touches on soon and find it a home.