Jerry Silverstein

Tom Murphy


Tom was my first co-writer. Though we both lived on Long Island, we met in the lobby of the Lowe's Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville at an NSAI Spring Symposium. We were a perfect fit and spent the next four years writing once a week. Tom had been the lead singer in a popular country band and really understood the commercial country sound. He's truly talented and passionate about music. What was wonderful about our partnership was that Tom and I formed a lasting friendship that runs incredibly deep because of all that we shared through the creative process. It spanned a time in our lives when we both were going through major changes, and we mined all of those emotions for our songs. 

At one point we created a songwriter's radio show, conducting interviews in NY and Nashville with wonderful writers including Hugh Prestwood, Gary Burr, Bob DiPiero, Jimmy Webb and Victoria Shaw. Eventually we expanded the partnership to include stretches of three way collaborations with Rich Bach, Nancy Baxter and finally Sandy Fredrickson Murphy.

To find out about Tom and his band, The Legendary Murphys, check him out on the web.