Jerry Silverstein

Hold That Moon

Performer: Tom Murphy
Writers: Tom Murphy/Jerry Silverstein


One of our earliest songs, the hook actually came from Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd where the barber says "I once held the moon in the palm of my hand and let it slip away." Tom and I wrote about a couple for whom the moonlight that shines into their room on a night that they're fighting reminds them of the moonlight that was there when they first fell in love.

"Baby, Baby, I can’t take another silent night

The moon through our window is casting down its lover's light

We're bathed in this moonlight yet we barely touch

But I know we'd still be in love if we could just

    Hold that moon

    Once upon a time we held the moon in our hands

    Hold that moon

    We did it before we could do it again

    Hold that moon"