Jerry Silverstein

You Can't Ask Why About Love

Performer: Jerry Silverstein
Writers: Stacy Rock/Jerry Silverstein


Writing with Stacy is a blast and this was a fun one to write. The hook came from a coming attraction to the latest film version of Anna Karenina, and was spoken by Anna in a very thick Russian accent in an intimate moment to her lover Vronsky. "You can't ask why about love!" Stacy and I brainstormed a bit and expanded the idea to places that Tolstoy never explored.

"They say yaks and monkeys both do it

There's romance each day at the zoo

Ever since Noah matched up protozoa

They've been pairing us up two by two

We all fit into nature's grand plan

From the walrus to the turtle dove

Don't question why it's you and I

'Cause you can't ask why about love"

It's an AABA song that's quirky and fun. I can't wait to write song #2 with Stacy in this bi-coastal collaboration.