Jerry Silverstein

Stacy Rock


Stacy was another of the Dramatico writers whom I met through the sessions in Manhattan. I was immediately drawn to her unique and clever piano stylings. Her songs reflected a range of emotions, and as she sang, she threw herself wholeheartedly into the core of each song. I didn't know what kind of songs would emerge if we co-wrote, and as it turned out, she didn't either as she had only written on her own.

The first time that we wrote was in her apartment in Brooklyn where we tentatively found our rhythm. She and her husband Randall have since followed his career to LA and we so far have written between NY and LA by Skype. The first song that we started that day in Brooklyn still remains unfinished (a happy birthday song welcoming the world's 7 billionth baby) but the first song that we completed was written last year. It's a wonderfully quirky song called "You Can't Ask Why About Love." The song actually references Bill Nye the Science Guy and ugly manatees, as well as yaks and monkeys!

Stacy's current "day job" is playing piano bar at night, but she has also released a Kickstarter project that is her second album. Both of her CD's can be purchased on her website. Her live performances on both coasts  are totally entertaining, clips of which can be found on You Tube.

To follow Stacy on the web, get information about her upcoming shows and purchase her CD, go to