Jerry Silverstein

Nancy Lee Baxter


When Tom Murphy and I first met Nancy, she had been writing and performing both on the North Fork of Long Island and in Nashville. Nancy had done the beautiful harmonies on Hugh Prestwood's first two CD's and performed with him regularly. She had also written some wonderful songs that had been recorded by Linda Davis, Joe Diffie and Stephanie Bently and had performed with folk greats like Tom Paxton. Tom and I were still writing together on a weekly basis, and once we made the connection we shifted the collaboration to a three way and drove out to Nancy's house and began writing. Over the course of a year we wrote five very cool songs, but because of Nancy's publishing deal at the time we were constrained in our ability to pitch the songs independently. So these very good songs have sat in the file cabinet until now, but I'm glad to have this opportunity to share them. Those were great writing sessions that pushed everyone a bit out of their comfort zones, and that process often produces interesting and unique results. Listening to these songs now, I'm really pleased to finally get to them heard and pitched.