Jerry Silverstein


Michael Grimm/Jerry Silverstein


"There are moments between our heartbeats

Quiet spaces we can feel

Where we can get small glimpses of our soul

Where the world fades in the background

And time just slips away

And somehow through the chaos we feel whole"

The hook for this song came from the extraordinary book "The Art Of Hearing Heartbeats" by Jan-Phillipp Sendker. At our first session, Michael was immediately intrigued by the line "There are moments between our heartbeats" and our ideas just fed off of each other. Right from the start we had that mutual trust that is essential in a collaboration, including the trust that there can be times when the room is silent because everyone is lost in thought. What worked, though, was that when we would share what we had come up with during those pauses, what emerged took us to unexpected places and some great turns of phrases. Then we started to take the song for a trial run, this time feeding off each other musically, and that's when Michael's voice turned the song into something truly special. What a pleasure!