Jerry Silverstein

All The Difference

Jenny Ray
Jenny Ray/Jerry Silverstein


This is the first song that Jenny and I wrote in a rehearsal cubical at NYU. I had the hook "That difference made all the difference" but we didn't know where it would take us. The first day of a co-write is a little bit like a first date, very tentative but also wonderfully revealing. The talk was definitely about relationships past and present, and the magic of collaboration is that two writers with very diverse backgrounds can lend their experiences to create a song that neither of them would have written on their own. Something else that is important in an initial collaboration is giving each other the permission to say something foolish, because it's easy to over-edit and by doing so quash creativity. By the end of the first session Jenny and I had discovered our rhythm and a degree of trust, and that has only blossomed and grown over the past year.

The song ended up being about the quirkiness of love and the unexpected qualities that can make one relationship work and another go off the rails.

"Because you get me like nobody has before

You looked out for my heart every time you had the chance

And that difference made all the difference"