Jerry Silverstein


Jay and I had a long relationship. First he was a student at the Middle School where I taught, and subsequently he returned and worked as my teaching assistant teaching photography and video production. He is a passionate musician who early on created a popular blues show on a local radio station. He played lead guitar in a popular local band, The Hackensack Men and the Trenton Horns, eventually leaving them to form his own group, The Vendettas. At that time Jay invited me to join the Vendettas to play keyboards and blues harp which I did for a couple of years. During that time, Jay would come over and we would write songs based upon entries in his journals. Those journals were wonderfully creative and there was no shortage of hooks and ideas that we were able to glean from them. In addition, at the time, he was going through the aftermath of a difficult break up, so we definitely had a rich vein to mine.

Writers: Jay Janoski and Jerry Silverstein



You Could Hear A Teardrop

Jerry Silverstein and Jay Janoski



I’ve got one foot out the door

I’ve got my heart in my hand

I’ve got a real sore throat from talking all night

Trying to make you understand


            So I’m walking away but I’m walking real slow

            Just to give you a chance to say “please don’t go”

            Any word from you would mean a lot

            Any hint of love would make me stop

            But it’s so, so quiet

            You could hear a teardrop


Well you should be ashamed

Would it hurt so much to call my name?

Don’t you remember when you called me your best friend?

Now you won’t even share the blame




                        I don’t plan to cry anymore

                        Once you let my foot pass through this door


You see I’ve cried all I can cry

And I’ve tried all I can try

Now it’s in your court, the whole fight’s been fought

To say nothing is to say goodbye




            So, so quiet

            You could hear a teardrop

            So, so quiet

            You could hear a teardrop




Performers: Jerry Silverstein/Jay Janoski
Writers: Jay Janoski/ jerry Silverstein


I don't know which specific line from Jay's journal spurred this song, but we honed in on the idea of someone whose relationship was not going well looking enviously at a young couple necking in the car in front of him at a stop light. This morphed into a song about using that moment as the motivation to going back to your wife/girlfriend and urging them to remember when they felt that same passion and suggesting that they go out and rekindle the flame.