Jerry Silverstein

Gina Fant-Saez


Elaine and I met Gina in Nashville during the tornado of 1998 that made a direct hit on the city. We were evacuated into the underground parking garage of the hotel where we were all staying for an NSAI Spring Symposium. We were hunkered down below ground in the aftermath of that devastating storm. Gina and I kept in touch afterwards and later that summer she spent a month in Nashville where she rented a house on Music Row and created a pop up recording studio. At the time, Gina was running the first all digital recording studio in Austin and I joined her there for a week of writing and recording. Gina is multi-talented! She is an amazing singer-songwriter and has scored a number of projects for film and television, but she is also an incredible digital engineer and wrote a book that is a bible for Pro Tools users. She has created a network called E Sessions that enables musicians from all over the world to collaborate, and she has produced and engineered projects for Jimmie Vaughn, Junior Brown, Nellie Furtado and U2. The last time I saw Gina was when I was in Austin for SXSW for the premiere of "The Marconi Bros." Looking back, Gina and I wrote easily together and hopefully we will re-connect and rekindle the friendship somewhere down the line.