Jerry Silverstein


Elaine and I met Gina in Nashville during the tornado of 1998 that made a direct hit on the city. We were evacuated into the underground parking garage of the hotel where we were all staying for an NSAI Spring Symposium. We were hunkered down below ground in the aftermath of that devastating storm. Gina and I kept in touch afterwards and later that summer she spent a month in Nashville where she rented a house on Music Row and created a pop up recording studio. At the time, Gina was running the first all digital recording studio in Austin and I joined her there for a week of writing and recording. Gina is multi-talented! She is an amazing singer-songwriter and has scored a number of projects for film and television, but she is also an incredible digital engineer and wrote a book that is a bible for Pro Tools users. She has created a network called E Sessions that enables musicians from all over the world to collaborate, and she has produced and engineered projects for Jimmie Vaughn, Junior Brown, Nellie Furtado and U2. The last time I saw Gina was when I was in Austin for SXSW for the premiere of "The Marconi Bros." Looking back, Gina and I wrote easily together and hopefully we will re-connect and rekindle the friendship somewhere down the line.

Performer: Gina Fant-Saez
Writers: Gina Fant-Saez/Jerry Silverstein


After meeting Gina during the whirlwind of the tornado, we kept in touch and she made the decision that she was going to come to Nashville and throw herself into the music scene. Now I've known a lot of writers who have tentatively dipped their toes in the water in Nashville, but Gina is a force of nature. First, she rented a cottage on Music Row for the summer, which for those who have never been there, are the same unpretentious cottages that some of the major publishing companies use for their presence in Nashville. Secondly, in an age where people were still pitching songs on cassette tapes, Gina shipped a portable Pro Tools studio in a steamer trunk and was doing advanced digital editing on the spot. So, I booked a week in Nashville, knowing that I could make the rounds to publishers and friends and also write with Gina, and it was truly wonderful. The first song that we wrote was "Remind Me" which was based upon the shock of hearing that two of my close friends were getting divorced. As the song says, "They were the last ones I thought would be torn apart," These were two friends whose names were almost always merged as one and all of their friends viewed them as being inseparable. The song deals with how all of the other couples who knew them immediately questioned their own relationships. To this day the song is still hauntingly beautiful. Anyway, later on the day we were writing I had a publisher's appointment and when I returned, Gina had worked up the tracks and we recorded the demo. Amazingly, in the age of cassettes, we not only completed the demo but Gina burned a CD and we went to the Bluebird that night and handed it to the publisher. "Remind Me" will always have a special place in my heart.



Remind Me

Gina Fant-Saez and Jerry Silverstein


I kissed you goodbye

Like I do every morning

And I watched you drive off

Without a second thought

‘Til I opened up a letter from friends I’d known since school

and it broke my heart when I read the news


So that’s why I’m here

felt I just had to see you

They were the last ones

I thought would be torn apart

Can’t you see that their story could have been yours and mine

So before that happens, baby won’t you try


         Remind me of why we fell in love

         Show me we’re still who I thought we were

         I’m lost so please come find me

         And baby

         Remind me


I know there are days

When it seems love can’t find us

Life gets in the way

Slowly it wears us down

And we let love take a back seat to things that just don’t count

When it’s the one true thing we shouldn’t live without


                  Kiss me like the first time

                  When you pulled me close to you

                  When our hearts were filled with innocence

                  And every touch was new




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