Jerry Silverstein


I met Aurora when I was hosting writer's nights for Dramatico Publishing. Aurora was one of the staff writers there and I loved her voice and her material. The night before Dramatico in London announced that they were shutting down their NY office, Dramatico NY hosted a writer's showcase at the National Underground. Aurora and I were among the featured writers that night and we have have been writing off and on ever since. Our first writing session ironically was in LA, outdoors in Griffith Park. During the session, a coyote passed closely by, which for a couple of New Yorkers was not a typical sighting. As our writing sessions progressed I discovered some unexpected surprises about Aurora. She is a classically trained violinist who has appeared since childhood with the amazing Mark O'Connor. She has an extensive theater background and her voice has been praised by none other than Bernadette Peters. Finally, she has a deep seeded commitment to social justice, and her touching tribute song to Pete Seeger, who she had known personally, can be heard on her website.

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Aurora Barnes/Jerry Silverstein


This was the first song that Aurora and I wrote, started at the famous Griffith Park outdoor writing session in LA. We wanted to write something that had a jazz groove and would sound great backed up by a small combo. Aurora has the theatre/cabaret background and a beautiful voice. So we decided to write an AABA song, typical of standards in the 40's and our hook was "Sometimes a dream is just a dream." We set the song to the background of a child who rebels against her mother's advice, a mother who tries to protect her daughter from getting hurt by encouraging her not to dream unrealistically. The twist is that the singer ends up following her heart and learns that there's no reward without some risk.

"But I chose a path less traveled

Lit by a rare moonbeam

Found love in places most unexpected

Though sometimes a dream was just a dream"

Performer: Aurora Barnes
Aurora Barnes/Jerry Silverstein


"Spent another wasted fight trying to be right

How wrong can two people be?"

Writing with Aurora is a pleasure, but co-writing can often be like a therapy session. For this song we focused in on a relationship where a couple has been avoiding having the discussion that will end the complacency of just getting by and confronting the reality that their relationship has failed.

"Finally we can't deny, this cool September day

Here we are with nothing left to say"

Both Aurora and I would like to emphasize that the relationship described in this song is fictional, but all songs draw on real emotions and experience.